We provide excellent service with innovative ideas that can encompass all avenues of Human Touch Points that a brand has a presence in. Our single motto is to take the brand we are associated with to levels much higher than it currently enjoys

Our Product Range

  • Attendance Recording Devices
  • Door Access Control with Electro Magnetic Lock connecting with Biometric, RFID Card and Face reader interface.
  • Time & Attendance Processing Software
  • Payroll & HR Management Software

We Provide the Payroll software having synchronized with following Attendance Devices.

  • RFID-Smart Card Readers
  • Biometric Attendance Recording Device
  • Face Reader Attendance Recording device
  • Biometric +RFID Based Door Access control with Attendance Recording

Managing Attendance is a challenging Job across all category of companies from SME to MNC 's. Having branches across the geographical locations and Employees Multiple shifts.

Attendance will be centralized using our Face reader, Biometric and RFID Based Time Attendance recording devices configured with Static IP at Central Server. Only 1 Static IP is Required for Multiple devices to get connected with server.

Device at remote location required to be connected with Local Network having Internet Connection.

Web based Attendance software will take care of all functions of Centralized Attendance management, it can be access any where through web-browser.

Full Featured Attendance software Highlights as under

  • Multi Company
  • Department and Employee Category
  • Multiple Shifts
  • Shift Groups for working on rotational shifts .
  • Employee Category
  • Difference Weekly holidays, OT and Latemark Parameters on category Level
  • Daily and Monthly Attendance Register
  • Monthly Attendance summary
  • Public Holiday and Out Door Entry Management
  • Leave Type Master and Leave Register management


Ultimate software for Payroll & HR Management

Key Features

  • Synchronization with to Any Time and Attendance System
  • Monthly Attendance Excel Import
  • Salary Auto Process
  • Salary Distribution Bank Transfer, RTGS,Cheque and Cash Options
  • PF Data file creation for Uploading data into PF Site and Generating Monthly Challan
  • Tds Monthly Challans and Quarterly eTds Returns
  • Income Tax Projection and Income Tax Form-16 Generation
  • Leave, Loan & Advance Accounting
  • Increment Arrears & Unpaid days Arrears Working
  • eMail Pay Slip & Income Tax Projection to Individual employee
  • Payment through Bank Transfers with Bank transfer Text File for any Bank
  • Chqeue Printing for Payment by Cheque
  • Online Leave & Loan Application & Sanction
  • Online View Pay slip & Bonus Slip to individual employee
  • HR Module right from Man Power Requisition till Performance Appraisal, Training & Development
  • Sophisticated Increment Module with Increment Letter Generation
  • Import/Export Data from/to excel sheet
  • Export all reports to any format (PDF, Word, Excel, Text or XML)
  • Employee Master Information and Attendance Input from Excel File
  • Compliance with All Statutory requirements with respect to PF,ESIC,PT,LWF and Income Tax, having all Challans, forms and Annual Returns
  • All Soft coded Parameters to control the Statutory Calculations and Salary, OT, Bonus and Leave Encashment etc Calculation methods
  • WEB Based ESS Module


  • Employee Self Login
  • View Pay-slip
  • Attendance View
  • Online Leave Application
  • Leave Sanction by HOD
  • Attendance View
  • Annual Pay statement
  • Income tax Declaration Entry
  • Income Tax Form-16 Generation
  • Income Tax Projection
  • Self Password setting


Data Management Model & hierarchy

  • Multiple Company’s Payroll Management
  • Multiple Divisions under Each Company
  • 9999 Employees Under Each Division
  • Department
  • Location
  • Cost Center
  • Employee Category
  • Designation
  • Grade

Master Components

  • Allowance Master (99 Allowance per Company)(With option for Prorata, fixed rate, Manual Entry, Daily Rate and Total Salary Split among salary heads defined on percentage basis)
  • Deduction Master (99 Deductions Per Company)
  • User Definable Bonus ,OT, Leave Encashment Statutory component deduction base(i.e. for PF ,ESIC,PT user can choose the what all earnings heads to consider for calculation purpose)

Master Parameters

  • PT Slab (State-wise different slab)
  • Income tax slab
  • LWF Slab
  • Income Tax Sections & Rebate Items
  • Leave Slab for Prorated basis Monthly Allocation
  • Annual Holidays
  • System Parameters ( Related to Attendance,FORM16,ESIC and PF,OT,Leave, and Other General Parameters are user definable (i.e. user can change themselves as and when rule changes)

Other Masters

  • Bank Master
  • Shift Master
  • Loan Master
  • Advance Master
  • Site Master
  • Bus Contractor Master

Excel Upload

  • Add New Employee Master
  • Update Employee Master Data
  • Upload Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Employee Increment Information
  • Monthly Or Annual PF & ESI Data
  • Monthly Additional Pay and Deductions
  • Annual Re-imbursement Allocation
  • Annual Leave Allocation

Excel Data Export

  • Sophisticated Excel Data export tool having Data Filter Option with Field Selection and Save with Report Name for Future Same Data Export.
  • Employee Data
  • Monthly Salary having Option of Multiple Months
  • PF & ESI Data

Time and Attendance Module

  • Time-Attendance Connectivity with Time Attendance Machine
  • Manual Attendance Entry with Monthly OT Hrs Column
  • Manual Daily In & Out Time Entry having OT Hrs. Calculation.
  • Multiple parameters to fulfill different methods of OT Calculation.
  • Employee Self Leave application Module
  • Leave Sanction would be reflected into Attendance by adjusting appropriate leave balances.
  • Holiday definition (company-wise) for the Calendar year
  • Daily & Monthly Attendance Report Company / Employee wise
  • Daily & Monthly Over time Report Company / Employee wise
  • Shift Scheduling

Monthly Payroll Process

  • Monthly Salary Auto Process - One click process based on Attendance Data and other parameters
    • Arrears Auto Working for Increments
    • Arrears for Pending days payment for earlier Months
    • Income Tax Projections & Auto Deduction from Salary
    • Auto Deductions of Loan Installments and Interest on Loan
    • Advance Deduction
    • OT Working as per parameters set.
  • Monthly Payroll process Manual entry or Edit Processed Salary data.
  • Full and Final Settlement for Employees Leaving organization
  • Monthly Wages Register and Pay slip Generation with Pay slip email Option
  • Monthly Pay summary for Division, Location, Department,Category and Cost-center level
  • Annual Salary Statements & Summary
  • Bank Transfer Statement and RTGS Payment Statement
  • Bank data file creation for Various banks in the respective format for the specific Bank
  • Cheque Printing for Salary Paid through Cheque

Other Salient Features

  • Flexible Bonus Register with user-definable period, bonus percentage and applicable salary components.
  • Locking of data after completion of salary process on Division Level. (can only re-opened again for editing by the authorized person)
  • User Role and Rights definition module to prevent the unauthorized data access.
  • Option for Auto or Manual Employee coding.
  • Employee Category level Salary Calculation Base Option. (i.e. days in month or less weekly holiday )
  • All User-friendly data entry modules with provision of tip and search buttons.
  • Email Pay-slip and Tax Projection to employees
  • Online Loan Application
  • Bank transfer statement for Payment of Loan, against loan sanctioning for specified period.
  • Sophisticated Increment & Appraisal Module having History records for the Each employee, increment on percentage basis for Selected Category, Department or Employee.
  • Leave Module : Annual Leave Allocation or Monthly Accumulation Option
  • Slab wise Leave Accumulation (For Monthly Accumulation method)
  • Leave Book (Form No.2)
  • Multiple Types of Loan
  • Provision to Calculate Simple or Compound Interest on Loan

Loan Module

  • Loan Master
  • Simple Reducing and Cumulative Reducing balance Interest Calculation Option
  • Option Deduct Interest under Separate Deduction Head or Under the Same Loan Deduction head
  • Loan Ledger for the Employee
  • Loan Payment Register
  • Monthly Loan Summary with Opening Balance, Transactions during Month and Closing Balance
  • Monthly Loan Deduction Statement
  • Employee Loan Application and Approval by HOD
  • Print Approved Loan Application
  • Bank transfer statement for Payment of Loan towards Loan Approved on specific period

Leave Accounting (PL,CL & SL)

  • Option for Calendar Year or Financial year wise Leave Management
  • Annual Allocation or Monthly Leave Accumulation option
  • Transfer Leave balance to Next year at Year End
  • Option to lapse any specific type of leave
  • Option for Transfer Leave only up to Specified numbers
  • Leave enjoy or En-cash option
  • Separate Leave encashment Register or Encashment Payment with Salary
  • Leave Register (Ledger type)
  • Leave Balance Statement
  • Excel Import for the Allocation of the Leave
  • Leave Book Form No.20
  • Leave Register Form M and Form N

Reimbursement Module

  • Reimbursement Component Master
  • Reimbursement Annual Allocation for Each Employee
  • Reimbursement Payment
  • Reimbursement Slip
  • Reimbursement Bank transfer Statement
  • Reimbursement Statement with Balance
  • Provision to C/F to Next year unclaimed reimbursement if any.


  • Nomination Entry (Common)
  • Nominee Details Entry (For Death case PF Claims)
  • PF Nomination Form-2
  • Gratuity Nomination
  • General Nomination
  • ESI Declaration Form-1


  • Monthly Challan
  • ESIC Declaration Form-1 (Nomination)
  • 32 Register
  • Form-5 (RCC)
  • Inspection Statement (Month-wise Summary for the RCC Period)
  • Monthly Statement
  • Monthly Summary Division/Location/Designation/Category wise

Professional Tax & LWF

  • Monthly Challan
  • PT Statement
  • Summary Statement
  • LWF Statement
  • LWF Challan


  • Provident Fund
  • Form – 9
  • Form – 5
  • Monthly Challan
  • Form – 12
  • 3A & 12A Register
  • Form 3A
  • Form 6A
  • PF Reconciliation
  • PF Data File Creation
  • Form –10
  • Form-10C
  • Form-10D
  • Form19
  • PF Nomination
  • Form-20
  • Form-5 (IF)
  • Monthly Statement
  • Division/Location/Designation/Category wise PF Summary

HRM Module

  • Man Power requisition
  • Offer Letter
  • Appointment Letter
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Relieving Letter
  • Salary Certificate
  • Employees Turn-Over
  • Report on No.of days completion.
  • Performance Analysis and Appraisal
  • Training & Development
  • Requisition Status Report
  • MIS
  • Attendance Status Summary
  • Attendance Attrition Analysis
  • Division wise Costing Report
  • Division/Department wise Summary of Cost to Company for the Month.
  • Employees Turnover
  • Cost for the Month with Provision of Bonus & Gratuity


  • Income Tax Challan ITNS-281
  • Quarterly eTDS Return
  • Form 24Q (Etds)
  • Income Tax Entry – declaration of Tax Saving Instruments
  • Form 12BA (Perquisite Details)
  • Email Income Tax Projections to individual Employees
  • Form-16
  • Form-16AA


  • Front End Development Tool :Visual Basic
  • Database (Back-end) MS-Sql Server
  • Report Tool : Crystal Reports
The Photo Lab Management Solution - Serving Photographic Industry Since 1996 ..

Software combines following activities.

  • Job Order Processing System
  • Process Job Retail Billing
  • Process Job Dealer Billing
  • Trading Billing – Retail & Whole Sale
  • Raw-Material Inventory & Consumption analysis
  • Ledger Accounting for Dealer Billing
  • Membership System for Retail customers
  • Production and Job Stock Analysis
  • Trading Inventory Management

Other Features

  • Welcome SMS on Job Booking
  • SMS alert to customer when Job Ready
  • Cash Collection Summary for the day
  • Report on Pending to Process Jobs, Processed Jobs
  • Sales reports for Accounting & Service Tax Returns
  • Easy Switching between Financial Years.
  • Build in Data Backup and Restore Module
  • Powered with MS-SQL Database & Crystal Reports
  • Sophisticated User-Role, User Login and Access Rights
Easy Financial Accounting

General Featutres.

  • General Invoice
  • Tax Invoice – Single invoice for products having various tax rates.
  • Customizable Tax-Invoice formats having 2 different predefined invoice format.
  • Service Invoice – Auto generating based on Billing duration, service items selected and Billing Amount entered for Each service Item.
  • Housing Society Billing – Auto generating based on Billing duration, Charges Items selected and Amount entered for Each component, with auto calculating Interest on Arrears and Receipt against payment received since last bill date.


  • Sales & Purchase Vouchers
  • Bank Receipts & Payments
  • Process Job Dealer Billing
  • Cash Receipts & Payments
  • Debit Note, Credit Note and Journal Vouchers

Trading Inventory

  • Product Group
  • Product Master
  • Unit Master (UOM)
  • Purchase –Add Products into Stock
  • Tax-Invoice – Update Stock balance

Account Groups

  • Account Master with Mailing Information
  • Tax Master
  • Other Charges Master
  • Service Item Master (For service bill)
  • General Narration
  • Parameter Setting to customize the Accounting and Billing requirements

Accounting Features

  • Sales Register with Tax Break-up
  • Purchase Register With Tax Break-up
  • Trial balance with Opening balance, Total Debits, Total Credits and Closing Balance
  • Trading Billing – Retail & Whole Sale
  • Age-wise Outstanding with flexible Ageing Duration
  • Account Confirmation Letter
  • Trading and Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet

Add-On features

  • Bulk- Email
  • Sales Inquiry
  • Follow-ups for Inquiry
  • Reports on Pending, Closed inquiries

Key features

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Sophisticated Data-Display, explore up to source (Vouchers/Invoice etc) data entry/li>
  • Data-export into Excel Sheet
  • Save All reports into PDF, Word, Excel, CSV or XML Format
  • Easy New New Year Creation and Easy Switching between Years/li>
  • Build in Data Backup and Restore Module
  • Powered with MS-SQL Database & Crystal Reports
  • Sophisticated User-Role, User Login Account and Access Rights
  • Unlimited Company Accounting
  • Build-In Trading Inventory